What Is Floating?

Floating is a way to completely unplug for an hour. Your problems and stress melt away.


Benefits of Floating

You will feel more calm, peaceful, and relaxed, or we’ll refund your money.


Your First Float

It’s actually quite simple. Everyone floats. No experience necessary.


Experience the Healing Power of Floating

Imagine a really large private bathtub with less than a foot of warm water in it. The water contains so much Epsom salt, you float effortlessly. Each suite is also soundproof, and if you choose to turn the light off, completely dark. This distraction-free environment is the antidote to modern living.

Daily responsibilities often leave us with no time to nap, meditate, engage in self-reflection, or otherwise process stress. Experienced floaters discover exceptionally profound benefits from making this a regular practice, but even a single float will deliver a form of relaxation that is impossible to emulate elsewhere.

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