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Time to meet your elevated self. They’re waiting!

Get started with our Intro Pack for the best value, plus a bonus float to reward you for investing in yourself. Then become a member as you solidify your float practice and brand-new life. Lock in the post-float glow!

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Over 400 active members! | World’s Largest Float Center

Float therapy isn’t something to try once…

Floating is a transformative wellness practice with benefits for the mind, body, and spirit that compound over time!

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"Coming here has been the best decision of my life. The staff is great, the facility is clean and the energy is just peaceful. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for inner peace. With each float I have experienced something different. A new layer of my past vanishes and I feel at peace."

E. G.Verified 5-Star Review on Yelp


First 3 floats

Learn to truly relax, deeper than you would expect

  • Get used to the floating environment
  • Go deeper into relaxation and mindfulness
  • Discover your ideal float schedule

6 months of floating

Tap into more significant changes

  • Establish a new baseline of stress
  • Unlock more energy and focus
  • Experience a consistent calm

12 months of floating

Say hello to the new you, here to stay!

  • Significant boosts in mood
  • Less pain in past injuries
  • Dramatic life improvements
See stories from our community below
See How Your Life Can Change

60 Minute Float

$85/ per float
  • Regular price float
  • Premium 5-Star Experience
  • Deep rest and healing
  • Small taste of the benefits


$60/ month
  • New Member Welcome Pack!
  • Additional floats only $55
  • First-Float Gift Cards: $55
  • Bonus birthday float*
  • Access to member-only events
  • Member-only discounts on retail
  • Credits roll over and don’t expire

No commitment!

Intro 3 Pack

$70/ per float
  • Total package price of $210
  • Easily earn 4th bonus float
  • Best way to get started floating
  • Complete in 3 weeks to earn bonus
  • Your credits don’t expire

A Moment Of Peace

$85/ per float
  • A memorable experience
  • 60 minutes of quality rest
  • Deepest relaxation available
  • The start of something big

Your Best Self

$60/ month
  • Best price on floats
  • A regular time to reset
  • Improved health and optimized life
  • Reduction in bad habits
  • Support for your best habits
  • Welcome to your new life!

No commitment!

Deep Calm, More Benefits

$70/ per float
  • Earn a bonus float, our best value!
  • Understand the potential of floating
  • Get comfortable within the environment
  • Start to feel the compounding benefits

Our goal is your total satisfaction. If you are not completely pleased with your experience, please let us know! If no solution can be found we will refund 100% of your money. Refunds must be requested within 15 days of purchase.

Members get absolute peace for only $1/min.

How much would you pay for less stress pain anxiety tension depression exhaustion burnout overwhelm all the time?

  • Completely safe and immaculately cleaned
  • Custom-engineered to support you in deep rest + healing
  • Large float cabins and open float pool that’s ADA compliant
  • Floating is backed by a growing body of scientific research

it’s time to let go of it all, 

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and gain so much more 

and gain so much more 

and gain so much more 

Our staff will give you a full tour and answer any questions

Frequently asked questions

How often do most people float?

Single and first floats can often be profound. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable. Also, floating has powerful cumulative effects and is becoming recognized as an essential part of an optimal ongoing wellness practice. Floating consistently will supercharge your long term physical, mental, and spiritual health. Most people usually float between 2 – 4 times per month, if not more to get the compounding benefits!

Do the float credits expire?

All floats accrued through your membership roll over and don’t expire as long as you keep your membership active. Don’t worry about missing a month or two if your schedule changes drastically or you go away on vacation, you’ll have floats to come back to that can help with the jet lag!

What's in the member welcome pack?

When you sign up as a member and come into the center for your first float with us, you’ll receive a welcome package containing the following: CBD gummies, Epsom Salt Bag, a Float Journal and welcome letter from the team! We’re excited for you to start your journey of building a float practice and are here to support you. 

How do members get a birthday float?

We want to celebrate you and help ensure that your birthday week is extra calm, joyful and special. On the week of your birthday, contact us to book a free float if you’re an active member! Please note that the birthday float is not an extra credit and must be used during this period.

How do I cancel my membership?

There’s no commitment to the membership so you can cancel anytime. If you aren’t able to come in and float with us at any point, don’t worry — your float credits never expire as long as you keep your membership active!

We are here to support you to get back on track with your float practice so that you can continue to get all the benefits and feel the post-float glow once again. 

It could be a great opportunity to try floating more frequently to catch up!

If you’d like to pause or cancel your membership, all you need to do is fill out this quick form. To cancel, you need to provide us with 30 days notice.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not completely pleased with your experience, please let us know! If no solution can be found we will refund 100% of your money. Refunds for all purchases must be requested within 15 days of purchase.

Your floating story of
transformation could be next!

People join us to experience floating because the benefits are wide-ranging across your body, mind, and spirit. Floating is not simply a one-time experience or a tool to use only when times get tough, though — if you float consistently and regularly, you will receive transformative results.


Hear it straight from our community members!

Dawn on the life-saving practice of floating
for Fibromyalgia And Chronic Pain Relief

Optimize Physical Health and Your Body

The physical rest and relief you’ll receive from a 60-minute float session can be profound, especially for those dealing with tension or chronic pain. Many people mention their body feels even better than after a massage. Speed up your recovery time and perform your best, it’s no wonder the top athletes and olympians float!

Billy on the doctor-verified and long-lasting
reductions in anxiety from floating

Ease Mental Health and Your Mind

It’s common for people to feel a bit anxious about trying floating upon first hearing about it; however, there are incredibly promising research studies showing how beneficial it can be for anxiety and other mental health conditions like depression, PTSD, and eating disorders — even the most extreme cases!

Flaxie on the expansion of peacefulness,
bliss & joy that comes from floating

Elevate Your Spirit & Love Your Life

Float therapy and the sensory deprivation of the unique environment provides a much more accessible way for people to meditate and reach deeper levels previously only achievable by the most adept meditators. You’ll be surprised at the peace and calm you can achieve once you find your flow which is usually after the first few sessions!

Paul on relieving stress and boosting creativity with
floating to be a better teacher for the next generation

Impact Your Community Positively

Floating is not just a critical practice for yourself and your own life; it has a ripple effect on your loved ones and the rest of your community. In how you show up, in your presence and energy, your lifted mood — all of it helps to make a more significant impact for us all — thank you for floating!

"Where has Just Float been all my life?!

I had always been interested in the sensory deprivation services but never got around to researching a location well enough to give it a try. My fiance and I have been talking about it for years. As a surprise, he signed up for membership so that we can both claim a float session once a month. I’m truly grateful to have a partner who is equally invested in our training and recovery together. We are currently in marathon training season and can use all the recovery tools available. In addition what training does to our bodies, I have suffered with severe back for years. Needless to say, this was one of the best surprises ever.

I cannot express enough how much I loved this experience. I am 100% sold on the process. I felt at ease during the float and completely rejuvenated all day after.

…Our next float session is this weekend and I am ecstatic about it!"

Miori I.Verified 5-Star Review on Yelp


New to floating?

Get our Intro 3 Pack, earn a bonus float!

Our Intro 3 Pack is available to new customers only and provides the best opportunity to see what floating can do for you. Plus, you only need to complete the floats in 3 weeks to earn a bonus float!

Become a member, transform your life

Unlock incredible compounding benefits with a regular float practice at our best price and tons of other perks exclusive to members.

Plus, there’s no commitment!

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