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Great ideas: you’re not exactly sure where they come from – but you definitely ‘know ’em when you think ’em.’ And whether your job requires you to be creative – or you’re just in occasional need of an ‘out of the box’ idea – the truth is, we all need a little creative help from time to time. Let’s talk about how to capture your best ideas – and why float therapy is the perfect activity for the task.

It’s that flash of inspiration that occurs to you in the middle of the night; it’s the fresh take on a project that hits you while you’re humming in the shower. It’s the EUREKA! and/or the A-HA! moment that some people spend their whole lives in search of. No matter what your line of work or walk of life, we’ve all had moments like this, and times that have required us to be creative on the spot.

But the reality is: you can’t really plan for breakthrough thoughts – and going in search of them can be a waste of time and effort. So, it begs the question: where do the “best” ideas come from? When you’re frantically looking for them while you race against time and an all-important deadline… or in moments of peace and quiet, introspective thought and reflection? This is why the float tank has become the go-to source of inspiration for many in search of creative ideas: A place where you can shut out the modern-day world and all of its distractions, be alone with your thoughts, and let the right ideas find you – not the other way around.

What does it mean for ideas to “find you”? Just this: How many times have you sat in traffic, or stood in the shower, and had a great idea come your way, completely out of the blue? Like the float tank, places like these allow us to lose ourselves in thought and let our minds drift out upon nothing in particular. Floating takes quality alone time to a whole-new level: free of any distractions or outside sensory input, many Just Float members claim that the float tank has become their ‘New Shower’: the one place they can always count on for quality ideas. Try This: On your next float, prior to entering the tank, think about a particular problem you currently have that needs solving, and/or a dilemma you must find a creative way to address. Then, for the duration of your float, let it go… and see what ideas bubble up. Chances are, you’ll exit the tank with a new perspective on the task at hand. Worried that a great idea you have while floating might escape you? No problem: Just Float offers its members the option of having your every idea captured via voice-activated recording; simply speak out loud while you’re inside the tank, and your thoughts will be waiting for you on a digital drive when your float is complete. Talk to a Just Float staffer if you’re interested in this one-of-a-kind float ‘enhancer’ service.

Bottom line: No matter who you are, or what you do, we’ve all had moments where we’ve needed to flex our creative chops – and many people swear by the sparks of inspiration they discover while they float. For creativity taken to the next level, ditch the box – and think inside the tank.

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