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At the time of this writing (July 12th, 2022) it’s likely that those who are interested have already witnessed the awesomeness that was the thrilling conclusion of Stranger Things, Season 4. No spoilers but we couldn’t believe it when REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED – and then also when REDACTED, and then – holy smokes, is that Master of Puppets!? Truly spectacular.

We here at Just Float enjoy Stranger Things the series for an additional reason: it’s opened up a worldwide dialogue for many about “sensory deprivation,” something that the character of “11” (played by Millie Bobbie Brown) utilizes as a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural, like telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing, and other wild skills. Throughout four seasons, we’ve seen 11 (aka Elle) immersed in float tanks of various sizes and dimensions, including a doozy of a tank in Season 4 that is decked out with TV screens, shaped like an Apollo space capsule, and even has a name: NINA.

“Elle” (Millie Bobby Brown) takes the plunge

So: can the process of floating in a sensory deprivation tank actually help you, in any way, to achieve similar powers?

Would you be surprised if I said… maybe? After all, it’s no secret that the creators of Stranger Things took inspiration from a number of true-life psychic experiments and events.

While a fully comprehensive look at floating’s history with paranormal research is beyond the scope of a few-hundred-words blog post, a number of exciting studies have been done into the field that may prove that yes, absolutely, there’s something to those who claim to have powers like telepathy and remote viewing. Groundbreaking studies by people like pioneering researcher Dr. Dean Radin have shown, in study after study, that there’s a statistically significant effect achieved when research is undertaken towards these subjects. The results aren’t necessarily overwhelming – but they do slant towards the statistical certainty that abilities like telepathy are possible, even if on a small scale. And some of the most promising research has to do with remote viewing.

DIY float tank in Stranger Things

Remote viewing – the ability to travel “out of the body” and see what’s happening in other places and report back – is one of the powers that Elle exhibits in Stranger Things. With the real-life-not-making-this-up Stargate Project, the U.S. government spent decades – and millions of dollars – training people to do just this. It sounds like science fiction – but the results are often not. The process for remote viewing is to first enter a state of total relaxation, fully quiet the mind, and distance yourself completely from the outside world.

In other words, sensory deprivation – for which floating is the singular and optimal best choice. In the soothing and gentle environment of the float tank, floating weightlessly in water perfectly heated to your body’s temperature, you take a break from the outside world in a way that’s just not possible in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Not to mention other very real world benefits like pain management, anxiety relief, creative visualization, and help with insomnia (for example, an hour in a float tank is equivalent to four hours of sleep.)

“Nina,” the float tank to end all float tanks

So while floating won’t immediately let you move objects with your mind, or open portals to other dimensions, there’s a glimmer of truth in how Stranger Things uses sensory deprivation to achieve remarkable results. For health and wellness and a host of positive benefits, you might even say that what floating achieves is… “out of this world.”

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(Now we all sadly must wait another year or so for the continuing adventures of Elle and Stranger Things. Sigh.)        

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