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Gratitude: The Gift You Give Yourself

‘Tis the season. If the thought of the holidays is filling you with more dread than joy, perhaps it’s time to shake things up. Here are a few simple ideas for holiday stress relief and more magic, less mayhem.

Be Grateful

What’s so amazing about Thanksgiving (besides the food, of course)? It’s all about the gratitude. Start each day of this holiday season by posting, tweeting, or just thinking about one thing you’re thankful for. Neuroscience says it’s one of the four keys to unlocking true happiness, and it may be the simplest thing you can do bring more thanks to your Thanksgiving.


Remember how much you looked forward to the holidays as a kid? Create some opportunities to just have fun. Go frolic in the snow. Re-imagine Thanksgiving leftovers and turn it into a dinner party. Invite a small group of friends over for a movie night in their jammies. After all, being a grown-up is overrated; kids know where the magic is.

Party With Purpose

Do you ever feel like you’re just going through the motions? Going to the same Thanksgiving feast with the same people, chit-chatting about the same things? Tradition is great, but it can lose its magic if we don’t actively choose to really connect to ourselves and others. Here’s a great mindfulness exercise you can use to kick off your holiday season.

Practice Mindfulness With Floating

Holiday stress relief can help you to enjoy a more authentic and peaceful season with those you love. Mindfulness reduces stress and heightens awareness, and our float tanks are a powerful tool for mindfulness. Book a float, count your blessings and celebrate a little Thanksgiving every day.

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  1. Shella leahy

    I love this. The holidays or just life at times can be difficult. You can tend to go through mid life reality and it’s not always positive but when you get through the reality and tuff times and sometimes that’s alone, the amazing thing you can still stand again if you just breath

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