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Sensory deprivation tanks, isolation tanks, floatation REST—float tanks go by many names, but the goal is always the same: To provide a private, comforting space where we can shut out the noise of modern life and tune in to our breath, our relaxation, our peace. While our float tanks at Just Float allow our guests to customize their experience by choosing to include light and audio, we encourage everyone to learn more about the benefits of floating in quiet darkness. Not convinced? Well, read on, my friends.

Sensory deprivation is the act of limiting or stopping the flow of sights, sounds, smells, sensations and tastes in order to give the mind a chance to truly relax while floating in solitude. Most of us are bombarded with sensory input almost every minute of the day. Our cell phones beep with constant notifications, our offices hum with conversation and keyboard taps, and our daily lunch hour includes the smells of our own food along with other people’s curry and cigarettes. Even though we may not realize it, this constant flow of input can create stress and exhaustion. Float tanks provide the perfect environment to unplug from the noise and static of modern life.

By reducing all that input for a little while, we allow our senses to rest. In that state of rest, we may discover some surprising benefits. “Relaxation, time to think without distractions, vivid imagery, and feelings of love and warmth are common experiences.” (1) In addition, sensory deprivation has been shown to be a useful tool in treating addiction, depression and even pain. (2) Tuning out appears to help us solve many common problems so that we can enjoy our lives more…and all without a prescription.

Until now, most research has been focused on merely proving the benefits of sensory deprivation; today, scientists are beginning to use more advanced brain mapping technology to understand why we benefit. “Research has shown that during resting states the brain repeatedly rehearses newly learned skills and consolidates recently acquired knowledge for long-term storage.” (3) So, when our brains are finally given a break from the overflowing inbox of sights, sounds and sensations, important stuff like learning, creativity, memory and even problem-solving are enhanced.

We at Just Float firmly believe in the healing power of sensory deprivation, but most of all, we believe that everyone deserves to feel totally comfortable when they float. So whether you want to explore the quiet, dark frontier of floating right away or ease into the experience with your favorite music and soothing light, we will be happy to help.


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