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Oh, What Sights You’ll See…

Floating has a host of positive benefits including anxiety relief, pain reduction, and help with insomnia. (For more info on these topics, check out our blogs that cover each in detail.) There is one boon to floating, however, that isn’t mentioned nearly enough in the health and wellness industry:

Floating helps you see in the dark.


To clarify: No, floating won’t grant you a superpower that literally helps you see in the dark; this is all about your outlook. For many of our clients, an hour in a float tank is often crucial in gaining new perspectives on issues, thoughts, and ideas at the forefront of the mind. 60 minutes in the soothing environment of a tank, floating effortlessly on 12 inches of saltwater and sans any outside stimuli, helps you “see” what’s on your mind from different – and sometimes unexpected – angles. It’s visualization – on a whole other level.

Who knew that being alone in the dark with your thoughts could help you see things more clearly?

In “looking” at your world from different angles, float therapy helps shed light on the workings of the inner life. In a related way, floating is a fantastic tool for any creative/innovator looking for novel ways to spark original thought. Want to capture those thoughts in real-time? Try out Just Float’s automatic voice recording option – and catch those insights on a digital audio file.

Have you come out of a float with a different outlook on your life and world? For float newbies, are you interested in putting this “superpower” to work for you? We’d love to hear from you! Email us anytime at – or call 818-639-3572 during normal business hours to book your appointment. Who knows? Give floating a try – and you just might see things in a whole new light.

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