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Ah, New Year’s Day. We start every new year with the best of intentions – but somewhere around the second week of January, many of our resolutions have gone by the wayside. Are you looking for a way to make sure your New Year’s resolutions stick? Floating and sensory deprivation just might do the trick. Floating can provide a powerful way to ground yourself, stimulate creative problem-solving and better understand the person in the mirror.

Floating is the practice of using an enclosed tank filled with a shallow solution of water and Epsom salt. You lie in the tank, which is completely dark and silent, supported by the gentle and body-temperature-heated solution which removes all gravitational pressure from your body. This creates an incredibly soothing environment where you experience complete weightlessness and total silence. (Floating can be combined with music or guided meditation – if you’re interested in such for your next float, ask one of our Just Float representatives.)

As floating aims for complete sensory deprivation, it’s tailored specifically for mental relaxation and introspection. Once inside the tank, you lose all sense of time and direction as you enter a state of deep relaxation.

Sensory deprivation has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks and yogis who sought a deeper understanding of their minds and emotions through solitary contemplation. But now, more people than ever are turning to floating and sensory deprivation as tools for unlocking their potential – yes, even as part of their New Year’s resolution strategy! Floating has been found to improve focus, reduce stress levels, improve sleep habits, reduce chronic pain symptoms and promote overall wellbeing.

By immersing yourself in this deeply relaxing environment with no distractions or obligations, you’ll be able to view situations with clarity, helping you stay on track with your goals throughout the year ahead. When combined with other methods such as journaling and creative visualization, floating can help keep your resolutions strong over time because it gives your mind an opportunity to contemplate what matters most.

Moreover, floating is beneficial because it lets you get away from everyday noise pollution without actually having to leave home. And when used regularly — say, once every week or month — it can help build a routine that encourages regular reflection on your intentions so that we can regularly revisit them throughout the year… instead of forgetting about them in early January!

Finally, since floating requires no special training, anyone can easily take advantage of this powerful technique for self-reflection. Whether it’s learning how to prioritize tasks throughout the day or something more complicated, like facing your fears head on, floating can help you stay on track in your journey towards success.

Therefore: If you want more than just another annual promise made at midnight, try incorporating some ‘float time’ into your 2023 resolutions! With less distractions from outside sources, floating might be just what you need for lasting change the whole year through.

You can book your float now with our convenient online portal (below) – or call us at 818-639-3572 during normal business to schedule. Happy Floating – let’s go 2023!


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