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What’s better than working hard to achieve inner peace, pain cessation, heightened creativity and help with insomnia?

Not working hard to achieve all of the same.

We’ve described floating before as an effortless way to achieve a host of benefits – and it’s true. The only real “hard”* part about floating is making time in your schedule and committing to your appointment; “getting in there” and doing something for yourself that can reap benefits that may last a lifetime. With that being said, let’s review the three big steps in the float/sensory deprivation/R.E.S.T. process:

  1. Lie Down
  2. Relax
  3. Breathe

Checklist complete! By floating weightless and comfortably in 10 inches of warm, Epsom-infused saltwater, floating has been proven to decrease stress, reduce pain, enhance creativity, aid in recovery, and allow you to relax, renew and rediscover your best self.

As you luxuriate in a float chamber that’s devoid of any outside sensory inputs, you take a break from the outside world in a way that’s rarely possible in the modern day and age. No pings; no beeps; no constant reminders that everything is fighting for your attention, “out there.” For 60 minutes it’s just you and the soothing water, all alone with your thoughts, no place you’ve got to be, no place you’ve got to go. And study after study has confirmed the claims made in the first sentence – floating can provide all of those benefits, and so much more.

Take it from those who have been there: floating is one of the best things you can do for your health, wellness and spirit. If it’s your first time, leave your expectations at the door – and remember to simply follow your breath, relax, and enjoy your staycation from the hustle and bustle outside the door.

Who knew doing nothing could help bring you everything?

You can now book your float with our convenient online portal (below) – or call us at 818-639-3572 during normal business hours to schedule your appointment.

*(To be clear, anyone who has ever tried meditating knows that the hardest part is “doing nothing.” Ordinarily, that’s because there are so many outside interferences always clamoring for our time and attention. Unlike meditating, however, floating removes all of these obstacles through sensory deprivation, and that makes being still that much easier. In a future blog, we’ll discuss a few tried and true techniques to help you master the art of “being still.” For our purposes, we’ll focus on those first three steps.)


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