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You likely know a few of the famous names/public figures who use floating to improve their lives. In the sports world, athletes like Tom Brady make floating an integral part of their training regimen, while Steph Curry is famously known for his love of what he calls “The Floats”, where he spends hour after hour visualizing shooting perfect three-pointers. Recently, Curry and his team the Golden State Warriors secured their fourth NBA championship over eight years – and it’s now reported that many others on the team also work floating into their schedules.

Other famous floaters include actor/writer/podcast host Joe Rogan, Academy Award winning actress Emma Thompson, actor/author/radio host Russell Brand, and Robert Downey Jr., who has a float tank installed in his Hollywood home.

And then there’s Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges, who may very well be the world’s “first” celebrity floater. One of Mr. Bridges’s early mentors in life was the inventor of the float tank, Dr. John C. Lilly. In past interviews for The LA Times and for Rolling Stone magazine, Bridges has spoken at length about his love for floating; how it helps foster inner peace and promotes genuine self-reflection. In the clip below, he tells Jimmy Fallon about those early floats, his time with Dr. Lilly, and how vital he views the practice of floating for health and wellness. On the inner mind, Bridges states:

“You’re not really aware of how much is really happening inside – how much you project and everything going on, until there is nothing going on, and then you realize: it’s all coming from inside.”

Sage words, straight from The Dude himself. If you’re interested in hearing more about his experience with meditation, Zen and other topics, the full interview is also included. And following that: come float with us and find out for yourself! You can book your session with our convenient online portal or give us a call at 818-639-3572 during normal business hours, to speak with a representative. Need more info? Email us at and let’s continue the conversation. 


Jeff Bridges on Floating and John C. Lilly:


Jeff Bridges, Full Tonight Show Interview:

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