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Escaping the Grind

No matter what your job is, maintaining focus, energy and creativity all of the time can be a struggle. Whether you’re gunning for a promotion, you have a big deadline fast approaching or you just feel like you’re always on the clock, sometimes an extra cup of coffee or two just isn’t going to cut it.

Many of us have heard of (or even know from experience) the benefits of a power nap. According to the Sleep Foundation, a short nap between 20 and 30 minutes can boost alertness and increase productivity and cognitive skills. Power naps are great in theory, but in practice … that’s another story. For most people, taking a nap (even a quick one) in the middle of the workday is just not feasible.

But there is a way to improve your focus, cognition and performance on the job and beyond – and it doesn’t involve trying to find a suitable sleeping environment at work!

Just Float

Experiencing the unique sensation of weightlessness in a private tank of warm, salty water isn’t just relaxing for the hour that you’re floating. The benefits of regularly floating will trickle into every part of your life. Here are some of the lasting effects that come with developing a practice of floating:

  • Mindfulness
    With no distracting sights, sounds or smells, your mind is free to focus on what it feels like to just float. This opportunity to reflect and exist in the present moment is a meditation in and of itself, promoting mindfulness, self-awareness and creativity long after your float ends.
  • Stress Relief
    A recent clinical trial published in the peer-reviewed PLOS One journal found that floating significantly reduces stress, anxiety and depression in people with and without anxiety disorders and depression. Study participants also reported that floating made them feel serene, relaxed and happy.
  • Improved Health
    Floating has been shown to have numerous physiological benefits, including a reduction in pain, lowered heart rate, decreased blood pressure, muscle recovery, increased immune function and better quality of sleep.

Weightlessness Awaits

While a power nap might provide some short-term benefits to increase productivity and focus at work, making floating a regular practice can provide lasting benefits in every facet of your life.

Come see for yourself! Book a float today.

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  • Asen says:

    Thank you for the awesome read. I am mindblown by the healthy benefits of the floatation therapy. It has so many perks. The good thing is that it becomes more and more popular so that many people can experience its amazing pros.

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