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By way of introduction:

"The story of a man ready to make a connection."

“The story of a man ready to make a connection.” Tagline: Nathaniel Thompson

I work in the entertainment advertising industry as a writer/producer, where since 2003 I’ve played a part on over 2K film and TV campaigns. My favorite part of the gig concerns the creation of taglines; the Haiku-like endeavor of finding and arranging the correct seven words (or less) that grabs an observer’s attention. It isn’t always easy, but when it works, a tagline can become an integral part of a film’s advertising campaign, i.e. Prepare to be floored, for Cars (lots of mileage outta that one.) I’ve also written taglines for magicians, corporations, brands, networks, and even a few other float centers (Rest. Renew. Rinse. Repeat. Shout out to Lisa and Travis at A Place to Float in Indianapolis!) All this to say: I know a thing or two about the world of taglines.

“They built an empire like nobody’s business” Tagline: Billy Casper

And my favorite two-word tagline, by far, is the one that comes courtesy of Just Float:

Expect Nothing.

“One man’s struggle to take it easy.”

Short; sweet; perfect. (And I really wish I’d thought of it first.)

Like the most effective taglines, Expect Nothing works on more than one level – and it’s also great advice for the first-time floater. Because if you’ve never floated before, you might have a frame of reference that includes Joe Rogan, Altered States, Stranger Things, Fringe, and even The Simpsons. You might think floating’s got a certain element of danger (it doesn’t) or that you’ll “trip” once you’re in the float tank (you won’t.) The latter usually involves the use of certain outside substances – something we most definitely do not recommend.

So, floating. What’s it like?

“In space no one can hear you scream.” Tagline: Dan O’Bannon

Expect Nothing. This says:

Come into floating with an open mind; forget everything you might have seen or heard on the subject. Just know that you’ll be floating weightless in 10-inches of soothing Epsom-infused saltwater, no phone, no beeps, no cares, and no worries, in the darkened and comforting environment of your own sensory-less personal tank. It’s the ultimate stay-cation, a welcome break from the outside world, one of the very last places on Earth where you can truly be alone with your thoughts. Leave your preconceptions at the float tank door – Expect Nothing – and enjoy a one-of-a-kind luxurious experience for the mind, body, and soul.

“You’ll believe a man can fly.” Tagline: Gordon Arnell

Expect Nothing… and you just might find it’s everything you’re missing. (Hey, that’s not too shabby…)

On this, that, or the other thing in the world of floating, let’s confab! Drop us a line at and/or post a message via Facebook or Twitter, with #justfloat. To schedule your next float, visit our online booking page – or give us a ring at 818-639-3572.

When he’s not floating, Billy Casper is available for all entertainment advertising missions at and/or 818-419-8189.


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  • Binny Paul says:

    Expect nothing – that’s when you get everything.Awesome!

    • Billy Casper says:

      Nicely worded Binny! 🙂 Stay tuned, we’ll be discussing the power of intention in a future blog – approaching a float with a set mindset/question. The flip side of “expecting nothing.” Happy Floating!

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