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Tinnitus is a condition that affects millions of people the world over, causing them to hear noises in their ears like ringing, buzzing, or whistling. Whether constant or intermittent, these noises can wreak havoc with daily activities such as sleep, work, and concentration. While there is no cure for tinnitus, there are ways to manage the symptoms and reduce its impact on your quality of life. While in no way a cure, researchers have found that floating can help improve symptoms of tinnitus and reduce stress levels related to the condition.

Floating: A Refresher

If you’re new to floating, the practice involves submerging yourself in a tank (ideally at Just Float!) filled with 10 inches of body-temperature heated water and up to 1000 pounds of Epsom salt. The salt creates a buoyancy wherein you can float effortlessly – and the completely dark interior and lack of sound (sensory deprivation) creates a soothing environment that many find to be the most relaxing experience of their lives.

Being deprived of your senses equals no distractions, allowing the floater to focus on their own individual thoughts and sensations. The perfect buoyancy provides gentle support for the body, helping relieve muscle and joint tension, allowing for an even more relaxing experience. This can then lead to improved mental clarity and an enhanced sense of well-being – which can absolutely help reduce the symptoms associated with tinnitus.

Game Changer

A word about stress: stress has been linked to increased severity of tinnitus as it can amplify the perception of noise. In study after study, floating has been shown to help lower stress levels – ergo, floating helps reduce the effects of tinnitus. If STRESS makes tinnitus worse, REDUCING said stress can help naturally ease your symptoms. In turn, reducing stress may lead to positive changes in tinnitus sufferers such as improved moods – which could ultimately help decrease one’s overall level of discomfort caused by the condition. One study found that after just 10 minutes, tinnitus sufferers experienced a significant amount of relief! Better yet, the same study showed that making floating a regular practice can help ease the effects in the long term – and that’s a game changer.

There are many other reasons to give floating a try including pain relief, help with insomnia, sports training and recovery, and creativity, to name just a few. (Check out our previous blogs for more intel!) But if you’re one of the millions who suffer from tinnitus, a session in a Just Float float tank might be worth a shot. The author is one of those millions affected by tinnitus – and can unequivocally confirm that floating provides a substantial amount of relief for symptoms, sometimes for hours on end.

It’s easier than ever to float with us: book your Just Float session now with our convenient online portal (below) – or give us a call at 818-639-3572 to schedule during normal business hours. Happy Floating!

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