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A Journal Filled with Gratitude

A leather-bound journal sits in the relaxation room of Just Float, where guests can get cozy with a cup of tea to read, sketch, or share thoughts after a float therapy session. Jim kicked off the journal on September 29th, the day that Just Float officially opened its doors to the public. In it, he shared his dream of building a world-class float center in Los Angeles. Here’s his journey.

By: Jim Hefner, Co-founder Just Float, Inc.

I have imagined this moment with nearly every breath over the last 31 months. The genesis of this dream began moments after my very first float. I had emerged from that experience completely full of emotion and purpose, a powerful cocktail of personal transformation and single-minded focus. I was overcome with desire to help others experience this. I felt as if I was standing in a room full of people and God had appeared before me and given me a key to minimize human suffering, a tool to shift the trajectory of humanity. In that crowded metaphorical room, I looked around with astonishment that no one else could see it. Certainly previous floaters and the forefathers of floating knew this but in my room, I felt alone.

However, the journey to here was anything but that. I could not have gotten here without the love and support of many, many people. Now I must make amends as my obsession has had a great human cost. To those of you that have experienced me at less than my best self, I humbly thank you for your loyalty, support, and love. With as much goodness and grace as I have, I thank you. Your contributions to help make my dream a reality were great.

My sincerest gratitude to my darling and fully supportive wife, Annalisa, to my insanely loyal and committed partner, Michael, to our Systems Integration Engineer and new family member, Steven, to our general contractor and OG homie, Guy West, and to my equally crazed visionary brother, Dr. Justin Feinstein. Also, in no particular order, to my neglected friends, Jeff and Roseanne from Float Lounge, the entire Float On team, Robert Crandall, and the myriad of sub-contractors, engineers, fabricators, acoustical specialists, laborers, and skilled tradesman. Finally, to Colin from Floataway, Kevin from Zero Gravity, Float House in Vancouver, and all of the other tank manufacturers and center operators that have kept the flame of floating lit. The Golden Age of Floating has arrived and I’m overjoyed you are here with me.

The journey from my first float to now has been full and rich with experience. From despairing moments as yet another idea did not perform as planned to developing a new process or technology to improve the float experience to the finished article that is undoubtedly the largest and most well-designed and executed float center ever built, I could geek out and write 100 pages about the many mini dramas and why Just Float is exceptional; however, it isn’t really important since you and I are here. I’m hopeful that what you experience speaks for itself. I’m hopeful you can come here to feel safe, inspired, and loved. I am here to serve you on your journey. This portion of my journey is now complete. I love you all.

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