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So as I’m rolling through the world, most chats with new people arrive at, “So, what do you do?” pretty quickly. Then I watch as their heads tilt and their eyes crinkle as I mention the float center we’re opening. Huh? And though I’ve tried to shape a perfect, simple explanation, people just have a lot of really good questions about their first float. Maybe you do, too. Let’s start here…

Why can’t I just float for free in the bathtub/pool/ocean?


We hear this one A LOT, and we get it. Floating seems so simple and natural, right? Except, as a relatively petite person, I can’t really float in my generously-sized bathtub at home. I can prop my feet and head up on either end of the tub and pry my belly toward the surface, but it’s hardly effortless or relaxing. And the effortless relaxing IS what true floating is all about. No hard surfaces pressing against your skin, no chill from water or wind, no need to move a muscle to maintain your position. No waves or seagulls or barking dogs or bright sun or ANYTHING to think about or manage.

What’s the Epsom salt for?


The 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in the 250 gallons of water in a float tank creates the effortless part of floating. No matter your size, when you recline into the warm water, your body will float like a cork. EVERYONE floats. It’s like lying on a waterbed without having to feel the mattress. And the magnesium in Epsom salt  “plays a critical role in over 325 enzymes, helps to improve muscle and nerve function, reduces inflammation and improves blood flow and oxygenation throughout the body”. Nice!

Ummm, you know about the drought, right?!


We DO! And we care very much. Our float tanks are filled with about 250 gallons of water, but that water is rigorously filtered and disinfected after each float, NOT discarded. A load of laundry? 40 gallons. A 5-minute shower? 20 gallons. A car wash? 75 gallons in your driveway or 40 at the automated kind. Want to run your dishwasher? 15 gallons. Oh, and that handful of almonds you just enjoyed? It takes a gallon of water to grow ONE almond. Floating is actually a pretty drought-friendly practice because we recycle our water.

I’m floating in other people’s used water?! Ewwww.


At first glance, this seems quite gross. But hear us out. First, the high concentration of salt creates a very hostile environment for all sorts of germs and bacteria.  More importantly, the water is run through a filtration and purification process 4 times. Each system utilizes a large pool filter, hydrogen peroxide, and a very robust ultra-violet sterilizer. This entire process is the same thing that Orange County uses to treat wastewater before discharging its back into the water table that is then used for drinking water. Our system was designed by one of the top water quality and sanitation engineers in the country. Our water is safe and clean! Feel better?

What if I fall asleep? Will I drown?!


Many people DO fall asleep safely in the relaxing world of a float tank. Because of the high salt content, you will float whether you want to or not. You float on your back, and your nose and mouth are always well above the water line. As long as you are not under the influence of powerful drugs or alcohol levels that could block your natural awareness and reflexes, floating is completely safe.

Hope some of your curiosity has been satisfied. Stay tuned for more answers to your burning questions soon. When it comes to floating, the more you know, the better. And the more you know, the more you will LOVE what floating can do for you.

If you’re looking for a float tank in Los Angeles, please come enjoy your first float with us!

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