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Since you clicked on this blog, it’s safe to say you’re interested in floating. You probably also know that floating (aka float therapy, sensory deprivation and/or R.E.S.T.) is a scientifically proven method for achieving peak health and wellness, and has been around for decades. You’re “float-curious” – but for one reason or another, have yet to take the plunge. So… what’s stopping you? Here are the most common reasons we hear for not floating, and why these falsehoods simply don’t hold water.

“Floating is a new age thing, too “woo woo” for me.”

We’re privileged at Just Float to have a membership made up of people from all walks of life, ages 4 to 94. Too “out there?” The bottom line is that the majority of our members find floating to be a very practical and down-to-earth method for relieving stress, providing pain relief, and curbing insomnia, among numerous other benefits for the body and soul. With stress and anxiety plaguing so many in today’s day and age, floating has become a proven “go-to” method for providing much-needed relief. You can chalk up most of the “new age” falsehoods to pop culture and possibly stories about Dr. John C. Lilly, the admittedly-a-bit-out-there inventor of the first float tank (Float Trivia: the movie “Altered States” was inspired by the real-life exploits of Dr. Lilly.) And while there is a spiritual aspect to floating for some, it’s just one of the many, many reasons people float.

“I get claustrophobic – no way could I handle an hour or more in a float tank.”

You’re not alone if you feel this way – it’s the most common concern that keeps people from floating. Paradoxically, once you begin floating in the sensory-free environment of a tank, most floaters report a “wide open” feel, similar to “floating peacefully in the dark on an ocean.” Most importantly, for those with space issues/claustrophobia:

At Just Float, you are in complete control of your float from start and finish and can opt to a) keep the tank lights on, b) keep your tank door open, and/or c) discontinue your float anytime by simply opening your door, which automatically brings on your private room’s lights. Also of note: Just Float tanks ditch the industry-standard box or clamshell design in favor of a spacious 8 feet by 5 feet room (7 feet tall), leaving you plenty of space to maneuver (picture the dimensions of a good-sized walk-in closet, and you get the idea.) Not convinced? Try our open spaced walk-in tank (pic), with even more room and easy access. By the end of their first float, we’ve discovered that the majority of those with claustrophobia find that it’s no longer an issue.

“What if I can’t float? If I fall asleep and turn over, will I drown?”

Every custom-built float tank at Just Float contains approximately 1000 pounds of Epsom salt; it would be physically impossible not to float with this much buoyancy. You may very well fall asleep on your float, as the break from the outside world finds you in a state of total relaxation. Many who’ve fallen asleep while floating have said it was the most relaxing nap of their lives, which makes sense: a 1-hour nap in a float tank is equivalent to 4-hours of regular sleep. If you do fall asleep, don’t worry: the music that comes up at the end of your float will gently rouse you from your slumber. And lastly, with only about 10 inches of water in your tank – and the loss of pressure points in the weightless environment – you can rest easy (nap easy?) that you will not turn over in your sleep.

“Just lying there in the dark for 60 minutes? Sounds boring / a total waste of my time.”

Consider this: in a scientific experiment from 2014, it was determined that the majority of Americans would rather receive an electric shock than spend 20 minutes alone with their thoughts. In a world overrun with items competing for our attention 24/7, many of us have lost the crucial ability to simply sit still… and reflect. Now and then, we all need to hit PAUSE – and float tanks are one of the last places on Earth* where you can unplug from everything and just “be.” For this reason, those who have difficulty meditating find the sensory-free environment of a float tank to be a tried-and-true method for achieving relaxation. Time and again, we’ve seen many first-timers go into a tank thinking they’re about to engage in a waste of time – only to come out on the other side of their 60 minutes with an entirely different perspective. We’ll go into detail in other blogs about the numerous benefits of floating (including the rejuvenating powers of the Epsom-infused saltwater) – but for now, here’s our challenge: give floating a shot, and see for yourself that it’s so much more than merely “lying in the dark.” You may find that your one-hour in a float tank provides benefits that will last for weeks, commonly known as “The Post-Float Glow.”

So… did we cover the thing that’s holding you back and set your mind at ease? Any other questions you might have before booking your first float? Hit us up anytime at or call 818-639-3572 during normal business hours, and we’d be happy to talk you through any other queries you might have, prior to your first visit. Happy Floating!


*Seriously, one of the last places on Earth – the top of Mt. Everest now has cellphone service!

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  • Binny Paul says:

    This article should build up enough confidence in some one trying to take the first dip.

    • Billy Casper says:

      Far out! That’s definitely what we were going for (I can think of several people on the sidelines who have yet to take the “plunge” but could benefit from floating immensely.) Much appreciate your comment, nice to hear from you!

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