What Is Floating? 

Floating, sometimes called flotation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy, is, at its most basic, the process of floating in a private, isolated pool of warm water that’s been super-saturated with spa-grade Epsom salts and minerals.

Most floats last 60 minutes, and, in your private, weightless space, you have the opportunity to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. Some floaters simply experience a deep, relaxed state. Others practice more active mindfulness and meditation.

Weightlessness Awaits

At the World's Most Advanced Float Center

“Unlike anything I had ever experienced before—it’s really something you have to try yourself.” 

“It was amazing.” 

“At Just Float, cabins are eight feet long by five wide with a ceiling that is seven feet high.” 

“If you're looking for a new place to recharge your mind, body and soul, welcome to Just Float.”

The Benefits of Float Therapy

About Us

Our float center is the largest, most advanced in the world. It’s purpose-built to deliver the best experience possible.

Your float begins in a private, luxury float suite where you’ll shower and change out of your clothes. Then, you’ll enter your custom-built float cabin. While many float centers use small pods that are just a few feet high, our private float cabins have high ceilings that allow you to stand up and feel completely comfortable.

After your float, you’ll shower, and then you’re invited to spend as much time as you’d like in our Zen lounge enjoying tea, water and the chance to reflect on your float.

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Relax, Rejuvenate & Heal.

Floating disconnects you from the world and connects you with yourself. For many people, their first float is like nothing they’ve ever experienced, and many regular floaters discover profound benefits of float therapy for their minds, bodies and souls.

Experience the World’s Most Advanced Float Center

There is nothing ordinary about floating at Just Float. We’ve built the world’s most advanced, purpose-built float center. Our luxury float suites, custom-built float tanks and Zen tea lounge are all designed to give you the ultimate floating experience.

Float on Your Time

With 11 float suites and expanded evening and weekend hours, you can float at a time that works for you. Stop by on your lunch break, take an after-dinner float or book a late-night weekend experience. Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready.

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Creativity & Problem Solving 

Tool for Meditation 

Visualization & Self-Awareness

Stress Relief

Reduces Anxiety

Eases Depression

Improves Sleep

Promotes Feelings of Well-Being


Increased Immune Function

Muscle Recovery

Lowers Blood Pressure

Spinal Health

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