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Perhaps you’d been looking forward to your first float for a long time. Perhaps you’ve been floating since the 70’s. Somehow, you found your way into our float tank, but what can you do to best carry that experience back out into the world with you?
Many people emerge from floating with a deepened awareness of everything. Sights, sounds and smells may be more intense, and you may feel kind of raw and sensitive, or energized and inspired. Take this opportunity to feel more alive. How?

Don’t rush.

If you can, sit and relax for awhile in our lounge or out in the reception area, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. Taste all the flavors in the tea you’re sipping. Stare at a beautiful object and study its lines and textures. Check in with your emotions as if you’re sitting on the couch with an old and dear friend, appreciating them, listening to what they have to say. Whatever you feel, try to just spend some time feeling it instead of immediately rushing back into normal life.

Connect or don’t.

Some people feel kind of sleepy and quiet when they get out of their float. They want to be alone and still. Others feel a strong desire to talk, to share their experience and interact. Listen to what you need, and we will follow your lead. We’ve designed Just Float to offer space to be quiet, to read or journal, and also space to be social and engaged. So do what feels right to you, and we’ll do our best to honor it.


Drink plenty of water, or have some tea. While you were floating, your blood pressure dropped, your spine, joints and muscles were freed from the job of supporting you, you breathed more deeply, sending increased oxygen to all the cells in your body. Hydrating your body well will help you make the most of all these benefits.

Be wireless for a bit.

Rather than immediately returning to your devices, stay in the world that’s immediately around and within you. Enjoy your own company for awhile, stroll back to your car and really look at the sky, the trees, the faces of the people passing you. Be in the moment, instead of in the future of what’s waiting for you back at work or the past of the last hour’s Instagram posts.The virtual world will wait for you, we promise.

Float again.

Like most things that are good for you, more is better. We believe that floating is about wellness, just like exercise, eating well and being joyful. Try to find a way to integrate floating into your life regularly to disconnect, relieve stress and check in with yourself. We’ve done our part by offering reasonably priced packages that you can share with one other person and that allow you to roll over unused floats into the future. So go to yoga, eat your veggies, play, float, repeat.

New to floating?

Get our Intro 3 Pack, earn a bonus float!

Our Intro 3 Pack is available to new customers only and provides the best opportunity to see what floating can do for you. Plus, you only need to complete the floats in 3 weeks to earn a bonus float!

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