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“Defragging” used to be a common way to optimize our computers. In the simplest terms, “defragging” was a process that allowed your computer to optimize and prioritize material on your hard drive, while eliminating and decluttering unnecessary material. Post-defrag, your computer would run faster, smoother, and more efficiently.

Our brain is like a computer – and just like a computer, it needs to be optimized and maintained. Over time, our minds can become cluttered with unnecessary info, stress and negative thoughts, which can lead to decreased productivity, anxiety, and even depression. One way to improve brain function and promote mental clarity is to “defrag your brain.”

There are many ways to defrag your cerebral “hard drive.” Regular EXERCISE is not only good for your physical health but also for your mental health. Getting enough SLEEP is crucial for mental clarity and overall well-being; lack of sleep can lead to increased stress, reduced productivity, and impaired cognitive function. Quality ALONE TIME, where you can prioritize and organize your thoughts, is imperative to reduce the mental clutter. Those who practice MEDITATION find that it’s a great way to clear our minds and reduce stress, allowing us to focus in on the present moment. And finally, when at all possible, make sure to DISCONNECT from the never-ending attention grabs of the digital age; it’s stunningly easy to get distracted by your devices, 24/7.

What if I told you there was a way to do many of the above… all at once? For several of our frequent floaters, FLOATING is the single best way to “defrag” the brain. While you luxuriate atop 11-inches of body temperature heated saltwater, the sensory-deprived environment allows you to get that Quality Alone Time you’ve been craving in today’s hustle and bustle. While your mind floats freely, new perspectives bubble to the surface, helping you to declutter and prioritize your thoughts. This is why floating is often equated with Meditation: over the course of 60 peaceful minutes, you can focus in on the present moment, which improves one’s ability to concentrate and think clearly. Since your devices are outside your float room door, it’s easy to automatically Disconnect; when was the last time you were truly alone with your thoughts? And finally, in study after study, floating has been proven to help those with insomnia, helping rewire your sleep schedule (one study equates an hour in a float tank with 4 hours of Sleep.)

As an added bonus, many swear by the effects of the “post float glow,” where the positive effects from floating can last days – or even weeks! Schedule your float with our convenient online portal below – or give us a call during normal business hours at 818-639-3572. Happy Floating!

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