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If you’ve been following the news at this time of writing, you may have heard that NFL superstar/legend Aaron Rodgers will be entering a “4-day retreat” before deciding his fate on whether or not to continue playing professional football.

So far, so great – lots of people take their time before making important life decisions. The most interesting part of this story is where and what he’ll be doing: Rodgers will be entering what’s called a 4-Day-Darkness-Retreat – and that means no sound; no sight; no talking; just Aaron, solitary in the dark for 4 days, contemplating  his fate. As Rodgers explained: “It’s four nights of complete darkness… sitting in isolation, meditation, dealing with your thoughts… just kind of sitting in silence, which most of us never do.” After that, Rodgers says, he’ll likely be ready to make his decision.

Chances are you’re not an NFL superstar – but if you’d like to achieve the same sort of results and life clarity as Aaron Rodgers is seeking, might we suggest a far more achievable and cost-efficient alternative?

60 minutes in a JUST FLOAT float tank may do the trick. Many of our floaters report peace of mind, and clarity of thought, in surprising ways after just one session in a float tank. Rodgers is right on the money: things do indeed often become “clearer” in the dark. (Check out our past blog on that very topic!) By floating weightlessly and effortlessly in 10-inches of body heated and Epsom-infused saltwater, and by tuning out the outside world through sensory deprivation, things “bubble up” in all kinds of interesting and positive ways, with clarity often one of them. Turns out that spending an hour all by yourself, without any beeps or whistles or notifications or non-stop-endless-distractions from the modern world, is just what some need to get a whole-new outlook on life. Which begs the question:

Why spend 96 hours in complete darkness in a search for clarity, when all you might really need is 1 good hour in a JUST FLOAT float tank? Give it a try – we’re betting you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

And it’s easier than ever to book with us online with our convenient online portal (below) – or you can always call us at 818-639-3572 during normal business hours. Hello, darkness? Let’s get to it.


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