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Meditation and Mindfulness

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Meditation and Mindfulness

In case you’ve missed the last few hundred newsflashes: Meditation is good for you.

If you’ve already got a thriving practice, kudos, and floating is a beautiful tool for deepening that practice. But for many of us who are having difficulty committing, floating can be a profound yet effortless way to glimpse the powerful benefits of mindfulness.

In the float tank, external distractions and sensations dissolve. Whether you choose to float in low light or darkness, in silence or with inspirational music, floating creates the perfect opportunity to experience the space between your thoughts, to breathe and to just be . . . and no cushion is required.

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“I am someone who has a hard time calming my mind and I multi-task a lot; but for the first time I think I was able to clear my mind without being asleep! I also really enjoyed the physical experience of effortlessly floating in the water. I felt very natural, free, and relaxed. I would highly recommend giving floating a try.”

Nicole F.   


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