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Floating for Athletes

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Float Tank for Athletes

MMA? Running? Cross-Fit? Whatever your sport, floating is your remedy to heal and prevent injury, improve performance and reduce training fatigue.

  • Freedom from gravity creates an ideal environment for healing, and the 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt don’t hurt either.

  • The spine and joints decompress, and tight muscles relax. Circulation improves, while cortisol and lactic acid levels drop.

  • The deep relaxation found in the float tank enhances visualization and improves sleep.

These are the many reasons why many professional athletes and teams have made floatation therapy a regular part of their training. Care to join them?


“It is always relaxing, but somewhat unique dependent on how my mindset is, how my body feels, etc. It soothes tired achy muscle, great for post travel fatigue, emotional and mental detox . . . Everyone should try this at least once, even people who aren’t into meditation.”

Jessica C.   

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