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Let’s face it: Despite all the joy the holidays are supposed to bring, sometimes we feel more Humbug than Happy. Our to-do lists triple, our savings dwindle, our free time shrinks as we try to connect with those we love, count our blessings, and enjoy the sparkle of the season. May we suggest a little holiday revolution?

More Quality, Less Quantity

We are so programmed to do more that we forget about the magic of less. Limit your RSVP’s to those that you’re truly looking forward to. Focus on the gatherings that will make you laugh the most or feel the most loved.  Then let the rest go, and enjoy a little more space in your calendar.

More Experience, Less Stuff

Gifts are a beautiful symbol of the season, but often, the stuff becomes more important than the sentiment. How often have you bought random things just to have something to give? How often have you received gifts you neither want nor need? Maybe this year, you can give gifts of time, of shared experience, of true thoughtfulness. Need some inspiration? Click here.

More Sacred, Less Obligation

Take a little time to turn your attention to the traditions that really add magic to your holiday. Inevitably, you’ll also tune into the ones that leave you feeling flat. Or maybe holidays of the past have been tough for you, and you need to embrace some that are new and all your own. Either way, focusing your attention on how you want to feel at the holidays and investing in traditions that satisfy that feeling can be empowering, therapeutic and even sacred.

More Giving, Less Getting

Devote an hour or a day to an unselfish act of kindness and compassion for someone in need. Start with your passions: animals, the environment, Veterans, the homeless, or maybe it’s that sweet, lonely neighbor you never seem to have time to chat with. Then act on that passion by volunteering, making a personal connection or filling a need. Discover volunteer opportunities here.

More You, Less Stress

What do all of these ideas have in common? They ask you to tune in rather than just going through the motions. They ask you to put real joy at the top of your wish list and to offer it to others as well. Floating can help you tune in, can be a gift you both give and receive, can become a tradition you truly look forward to.

Click here to give the gift of floating!


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