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Looking for something to do this weekend? Well, it just so happens that we have an idea for you. The 4th annual Float Conference is happening August 14-17 in Portland, Oregon. If you like good beer, amazing food and groovy people, come join us and find out just what a worldwide phenomenon floating really is.

Why Portland? Four friends who opened Float On in Portland decided our industry needed a place to come together and share knowledge. They organized the first Float Conference in October 2012, and it’s become a sacred ritual for the float industry, welcoming float center operators, vendors, researchers and enthusiasts from all over the world. To us, the Float On team epitomizes what floating is all about: A community of seekers who share all we know with each other in order to bring the healing, beautiful bliss of floating to as many people as possible. We are so grateful for their visionary leadership!

This year, the fun will start Friday with a concert in front of Lincoln Hall at Portland State University, home of this year’s conference. “The music will begin with a DJ’ed set from Theta State Records. Theta State Records is a music label that formed out of a program that was run at Float On. Musicians are given floats, and asked to create music in their post-float state. Theta State Records has just released its fourth album of float inspired music.”Cool, right? Throughout the weekend, 24 speakers from across the spectrum of floating will present, and each day will provide conference-goers ample opportunity to eat amazing food, explore Portland’s many charms and build connections in this dynamic community of floating.

Here’s a rundown of just a few of the speakers you might want to catch at this year’s conference. Dr. Justin Feinstein will unveil results from his first float-fMRI study, which shows how the brain is affected by floating. Dr Wallace J. Nichols is a scientist, writer and water enthusiast who discovered floating as part of research for his book Blue Mind. Emily Noren is one of this year’s “Voted-In” speakers; she works at Portland’s Float Shoppe and has recently published a memoir, Unsinkable, which traces her recovery from drug addiction and eating disorders.

Stay tuned for more reflections on the Float Conference when we return, well-fed and inspired, from Portland. Or visit to join our adventure!



Photo Source: Jim Nix on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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