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Whether it’s your first float or your fiftieth, there are a number of “stages” one goes through with every new float. Now, for the first time ever, here are the “10 Stages” to keep in mind in this highly un-scientific and tongue-in-cheek look at what goes on inside the float tank, minute-by-minute.

  1. Wow, this is nice. I’m floating! The water is the perfect temperature; the soothing Epsom salts feel amazing on the body. This is a’ight.  <0-2 Minutes>
  2. Hmm… sure is dark in here. They weren’t kidding about the no-light-thing. <3-4 Minutes>
  3. No sound, either. Like none. Is that how my heart sounds? The blood in my veins? Interesting. <4-5 Minutes>
  4. Wait! What about the AIR? Is there enough for me to breathe? Of course there’s enough for me to breathe. <5-7 Minutes>
  5. This is boring. Nothing coming in, nothing going out; sensory deprivation, fersure. I miss you, phone. <7-12 Minutes>
  6. So very, very boring. Has anyone texted me? If I get out now, I could probably make better use of my time by doing Literally Anything Else. <12-20 Minutes>
  7. Umm… ok hol’ up wait wut. I’m suddenly more relaxed than I’ve ever been in my entire life; is this how some people get to feel all the time? <exact time varies>
  8. What is time, anyway? It’s only a construct. Have I been here for an hour? Two hours? A day? Unclear. <“time” is only a construct>
  9. Deep Insights, Profound Thoughts, Complete Relaxation, Pain Relief and More. It’s suddenly like the best daydream I’ve ever had, times ten – and I feel like a million bucks. I get it. <ymmv>
  10. OVER?? No No No, it can’t be over – I just got in! Turn the lights back off!! <60 Minutes>

And there you have it – the definitive list of stages for every float, perhaps a tiny bit exaggerated. But it’s true! Most floaters, whether experienced or newbies, will go through something similar within every 60-minute session. However: if you stick with it – if you relax into the experience, follow your breath, and give in – you too can find out what so many people already know: for anxiety cessation, pain relief, creativity and a host of other very tangible benefits, floating is where it’s at.

Then with every new float and once you’re fully acclimated, you can get to #7 in no time flat, skipping several stages as you go. It’s true also that the majority of our first-time floaters have the same feeling at the end: I was just getting the hang of it! Like many of the finer things in life, floating becomes a richer experience with every new session.

Plus, you can look forward to the Post Float Glow, a period of time where you experience the incredible benefits of your float for days – or sometimes even weeks. The “afterglow” of your session will likely leave you feeling energized, focused, full of relaxation, and relieved of pain.

Don’t take our word for it – come find out for yourself. You can book your session with our convenient online portal (below) or call us at 818-639-3572 during normal business hours to speak with a representative. Need more info? Email us at and let’s continue the conversation. Happy Floating!


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