Floating in Los Angeles: A New Way To Be Well

Los Angeles, like most major cities in America, has its fair share of stress. Those of us who commute at peak hours spend more time stuck in traffic than anyone else in the nation–72 hours a year, on average. Ouch!  But there are also many facets of L.A. that make it a perfect place to focus on wellness: great year-around weather makes it easy to get outside, yoga studios near every Starbuck’s, and we have access to some of the best produce ever thanks to farmer’s markets and Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, the holy trinity of eating well. Now, scattered throughout the L.A. area, a dozen float centers are offering Los Angelenos yet another way to be more well.

Floatation therapy fits into L.A. culture quite nicely. Whether you’re in OC, the Westside or the Valley, you can find somewhere to float nearby. Soon, Just Float will be opening in Pasadena, making floating more accessible to people in the San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Downtown, and even the Westside. Float therapy in Los Angeles is poised to bring wellness to wherever you are.

Floating can become a great excuse to rethink your commute. Instead of joining the hordes, you could float before or after work, thus changing your pattern to align with lighter traffic. Now, instead of cursing that annoying texter in front of you or wondering how many hours of your life you’ve lost to traffic, you can spend that time being weightless, free from distractions, and reducing your stress levels, one glorious float at a time.

On the weekends, floating can become a great addition to your hipster wellness lifestyle. Go to yoga, grab a light lunch at that great spot down the street, then head in for a float. In many neighborhoods with float centers, including ours, you could do all of this without having to get in your car and without having to spend a fortune.  You’ll emerge from your float relaxed and re-energized, ready for whatever fun your weekend has in store, and you’ll sleep better too.

Just Float’s location in Pasadena is pretty spectacular. We’ll offer abundant free parking, and from our doorstep, you can walk to dozens of amazing restaurants, yoga studios, spas, and all kinds of entertainment. Within 15 minutes, you could be hiking to the Eaton Canyon waterfall or strolling through the gardens at The Huntington. Browse for books at Vroman’s, catch a film at Laemmle or visit one of the many museums that grace our neighborhood. The Goldline Metro’s Lake Ave. stop is only a few blocks away.

We’ve built an oasis for anyone seeking some balance. Our space is warm and welcoming, with communal areas if you want to chat and quiet, private ones if you crave some alone time. Our state-of-the-art tanks have been custom-built to offer the best possible float experience, and they are bigger, quieter and more customizable than any others on the market, allowing anyone to find their most perfect float.

L.A. traffic, heat and stress got you down? Well, we have the perfect antidote: Just Float.



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