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By: Annalisa Hefner Eight months pregnant is a beautiful but uncomfortable state. After multiple IVF treatments and miscarriages, I was finally nearing the end of my miraculous, easy pregnancy. Awesome… but there were also the swollen ankles, insomnia and sheer exhaustion of hauling my much larger self through the world. Not always so awesome. Then one […]

Float therapy is often used as a method of physical relief, but it is also known for its ability to enhance mental clarity.1  The float tank is an ideal environment in which floaters can calm their minds and reach a place of positivity and relaxation. Due to minimal distraction, meditation can be intensified in the […]

Floatation therapy is a simple, effective way to invest in your own health and happiness. We at Just Float would like to take a moment to invite you to extend a little extra TLC to yourself. Here are ten benefits of float therapy. 1)  Tame tension headaches: A recent study at UC Irvine confirms that […]

To resolution or not? Perhaps we don’t have to choose. Reducing stress and increasing relaxation are pretty appealing aspirations for all of us, whether we commit to them with gusto on January 1st or just have a fleeting flirtation with them on a Tuesday in April while slogging through our commute. Sometimes the thought of […]

Floatation therapy has many proven benefits during pregnancy, as long as your physician has approved it – much like they would other relaxation techniques, such as prenatal massage or certain types of exercise. The Feeling of Being Weightless Your time in the float tank allows you to escape the added weight of your pregnancy during […]

Welcome to Just Float, Los Angeles’ luxury float therapy spa!  We are very excited to announce the grand opening of our Pasadena location, just in time for the holidays. Never heard of float therapy? Just Float is a world-class float center that offers custom ‘cabin’ style float rooms that are designed to deprive your senses and […]

“You feel lighter, you feel like more oxygen is in your body, you feel more vibrant.  It’s just because you’ve calmed the tension.  It’s f*** incredible, man.”  The above video is perhaps the greatest testimony to sensory deprivation or floatation therapy. Joe Rogan, an avid floater, is a hugely popular stand-up comedian, best known for hosting […]