Floating and Yoga

floating and yoga

Even though yoga and floating take a different approach to enhancing health and well-being, many of the same benefits can be experienced. Some people take up yoga as a way to switch up their workout while others have ventured on a yoga journey and established a regular practice. Through practice – both help to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

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While yoga is generally known for being strenuous and floating is known for being easy and effortless, both have overlapping similarities when it comes to the benefits of these two practices. Like yoga, floating is effective at releasing tension, relaxing your system and deepening your sleep.

“It is always relaxing, but somewhat unique dependent on how my mindset is, how my body feels, etc. It soothes tired achy muscle, great for post travel fatigue, emotional and mental detox . . . Everyone should try this at least once, even people who aren’t into meditation.”

Jessica C.