Virtually everything in our lives is made worse by stress. Constant noise and distractions affect our eating, sleep, relationships, work , and how we feel about ourselves. Basically, stress sucks.

Floating is the opposite of stress. It provides an effortless state of calm and relaxation. So what?

You’ll sleep better, feel more peaceful, and have a more positive outlook on life. Everything gets better. Come try it, and if you don’t agree, we’ll refund your money.

Promotes Mindfulness

Relaxation response

Visualization & self-awareness

Creativity & problem solving

Behavior modification


Relieves Stress

Reduces anxiety

Promotes great sleep

Reduces cortisol

Pain management

Helps with depression

Improves Health

Lowers heart rate

Decreases blood pressure

Muscle recovery

Spinal health

Increased immune function

Buy your first float
for $40 (regular $70)


“It is always relaxing, but somewhat unique dependent on how my mindset is, how my body feels, etc. It soothes tired achy muscle, great for post travel fatigue, emotional and mental detox… Everyone should try this at least once, even people who aren’t into meditation.”

Jessica C. says