About Us

Mission Statement

Just Float is committed to promoting wellness, peace and healing through floatation therapy. It is our mission to create a safe, enriching sanctuary for people who seek to unplug, refresh and center themselves. We believe the opportunity to float in a warm, weightless, quiet environment is a gift to humanity. Our center will always be a clean, inviting and hopeful expression of this gift.

Our Story

 As our journey began, we quickly realized that the tanks we envisioned weren’t available on the market, so we decided to design and build our own. We assembled a team of experts, including mechanical engineers along with industrial automation and water purification specialists. Our goal was to create an ideal float experience through an elegant design and attention to detail.

Our Team

Jim and Mike came to floating from very different backgrounds but set out together with a common vision: to create the best floating experience and share it with as many people as possible. They see floating as a positive tool for themselves, their families, their community, promoting wellness and balance in a chaotic, stressful world.

Mike Ruskow

Co-Founder & Co-Owner.
Michael Ruskow is an entrepreneur with a wealth of construction experience and a personal interest in natural pain management. Mike loves floating because through floating he has deepened his meditation practice.

Favorite Tank: 4

Niko L.

Niko is our General Manager and Just Float’s resident hippy.He has an interest in sound healing, hummus and early morning surf sessions with Sweet D (Damien). Niko uses floating to help heal, relax and mentally process with clarity.

Favorite Tanks: 4 & 11


Damien . . .

Favorite Tanks:

Becky D.

Becky was born and raised in Southern California, and is a purple belt in the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu. She enjoys the outdoors, especially roller skating on warm, summer days at the beach. Floating helps deepen her meditation practice and heal her body from the aches and pains of Jiu-Jitsu.

Favorite Tank: 10

Laura M.

Also known as LoLo Blaze, Laura is originally from Long Island, NY.She loves coffee, working out and listening to music. Laura likes to use floating as a way to reflect on and escape from the chaos of everyday life.

Favorite Tank: 8

Ian N.

Ian is a screenwriter & poet who finds fulfillment in seeing the world & accumulating life experiences. Ian uses floating to be reminded of the beauty of presence, to process emotions, & to cultivate creativity.

Favorite Tank: 9

Corinthian T.

Corinthian is West coast raised with an East coast education. Corinthian is currently studying for his doctorate in Chiropractic! Gold’s Gym is his second home, and he enjoys writing, running, drumming, and baking (not simultaneously).

Favorite Tank: 11

Anisa C.

Lover of all things meditation and uses floating to deepen her practice. Born and raised in the DC area and lived on Oahu, Hawaii for 10 years. Always down for a philosophical conversation.

Favorite Tank: 10

Briana S.

Briana was born & raised in OC. Lover of music, health, outdoors, traveling, & spirituality. Briana uses floating to enhance mindfulness, cultivate creativity, healing, deep relaxation, & to connect with the divine.

Favorite Tank: 10

Eliza R.

Eliza is a translator and writer who loves science fiction and day tripping around California. She floats to brainstorm and to step outside of her thoughts to see them anew.

Favorite Tank: 10

Jesse F.

Jesse loves to play video games, rock climbing and being adventurous. He uses floating to maintain his spiritual practice and finds it helps him work on things that are going on in his life.

Favorite Tanks: 5 & 10

Evan B.

Evan is a Southern boy who traded Texas for the West Coast to pursue art and writing. Evan is a big fan of coffee and an even bigger fan of Meryl Streep movies. Evan uses floating to expand his creative and emotional capacities and to understand further how to bring a little more love into the world.

Favorite Tank: 4

Alicia H.

Alicia was born and raised in Wisconsin.She moved to California for school but is still a Cheesehead through and through. Some of her interests include going to the beach, watching movies, drinking beer, and eating cheese and sweets. She floats to process her internal states and completely relax.

Favorite Tanks: 3 & 9

Billy D.

Artist & musician. Terrible cook. His epic novel about why he loves floating is in progress and is scheduled for digital release (in selected stores only) on June 30th, 2089. Stay tuned!

Favorite Tank: 1 and 7

Bryce A.

A Midwest transplant keen on transmutation and playing music. For Bryce, floating provides laughter, stillness and a way to receive messages from higher vibrations.

Favorite Tank: Wherever there’s an opening.

Sam W.

Lover of the natural world and exploring. Delicious food, music, animals & good company keep me in my bliss. I use floating as a way to deepen my relationship with myself and my higher power.

Favorite Tank: All tanks are created equal!

“Sometimes you gotta be selfish and put yourself first! This was the case for me last week when I woke up and thought, ‘hmmm, I feel like relaxing and getting my zen on’. This hidden gem is absolute heaven. The moment you walk in to the very clean facility, calm vibes are floating everywhere.”

Syd B.