Mission Statement

Just Float is committed to promoting wellness, peace and healing through floatation therapy. It is our mission to create a safe, enriching sanctuary for people who seek to unplug, refresh and center themselves. We believe the opportunity to float in a warm, weightless, quiet environment is a gift to humanity. Our center will always be a clean, inviting and hopeful expression of this gift.

Our Story

 As our journey began, we quickly realized that the tanks we envisioned weren’t available on the market, so we decided to design and build our own. We assembled a team of experts, including mechanical engineers along with industrial automation and water purification specialists. Our goal was to create an ideal float experience through an elegant design and attention to detail.

Our Team

Jim and Mike came to floating from very different backgrounds but set out together with a common vision: to create the best floating experience and share it with as many people as possible. They see floating as a positive tool for themselves, their families, their community, promoting wellness and balance in a chaotic, stressful world.

Jim is a serial entrepreneur with an MBA and a passion for outdoor adventure.

Mike is a businessman with a wealth of construction experience and a personal interest in natural pain management.

“Sometimes you gotta be selfish and put yourself first! This was the case for me last week when I woke up and thought, ‘hmmm, I feel like relaxing and getting my zen on’. This hidden gem is absolute heaven. The moment you walk in to the very clean facility, calm vibes are floating everywhere.”

Syd B.